Army Wife Sayings..

So this week I asked the fans to list off some sayings for Army wives so that we could start making some tshirts or other apparel for AWTR. I wanted to share them with you b/c some of them are so funny!

Who Wears The Boots?
i am army wife hear me roar
Army Wives do it with Hooah
My hero wears combat boots
Property of a U.S. Soldier or Property of a G.I.
Property of The Sexiest Man In The Army
Military Mama
sexually deprived for your freedom
I love my Army Guy
My husband serves, so yours won’t get drafted.

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Anonymous - April 9, 2008 - 12:47 am

I love this! My husband was deployed April 3rd, and now I really understand the importance of being an army wife. Stay strong army wives of America!

I Love our Troops - November 26, 2008 - 1:42 am

He always wanted to be a HERO…She always dreamt of being a PRINCESS…As fate would have it she’s his PRINCESS and he’s her HERO.

Anonymous - July 17, 2009 - 3:16 am

i am engaged and my fiance is in the army.. joined about 2 years ago, and i know how tough it can get sometimes.. we all do.. just stay strong. And i love the quotes.

Anonymous - December 3, 2009 - 5:07 am

Sleep safe… Sleep with a soldier. Just find your own!

Anonymous - March 29, 2010 - 12:13 am

I've heard all these before and they're all great. but my favorite is one I found somewhere online. something like, “my husband spends time away from his family, so you can spend precious time with yours”

I Love My Soldier - April 14, 2010 - 6:53 am

My Husband is currently deployed in Afghanistan..and this site has truly helped. Thanx

Milanista - July 20, 2010 - 4:05 am

i like…

“I can mess with government property”

Michael Lantz - December 1, 2010 - 2:18 pm

That was a great poem.I would like to thank the men and women who are putting their lives on the line for their country.I pray that the men and women who are currently serving in Afghanistan and Iraq come home safely.

Mireya - April 2, 2011 - 4:01 am

Having a tough day. Thanks ladies for the laughs. love the quotes

Anonymous - October 31, 2011 - 2:56 am

There is a possibility my husband will get deployed again next year but I will stand by his side. This deployment will be harder because we have a 3 mouth old baby girl.

Chris - July 30, 2012 - 4:17 pm

I have a tshort with #8 on it… :)

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